Privacy Policy


Servd stores cookies for users of our website in order to provide critical functionality related to our product. We also gather anonymous website usage data from our visitors via cookies for Google Analytics.

Personal Information

If a user registers for Servd we collect and store personal information, including the name and e-mail address for all customers. If a customer decides to pay for the service, we also ask them for billing related information required to successfully process payments.


All personal data is collected and stored via industry standard, secure mechanisms including: hashing of password data and API Keys/Security Tokens, in-transit SSL-encryption and secure transfer of credit card information directly to our PCI compliant payment gateway.

Third Party Disclosure

Servd will never share any of your personal data with any third party for any reason. Billing information is shared with our Payment Gateway provider which is necessary in order to process payments.

Access To Personal Data

Servd customers can access their personal data via the Servd control panel. Customers can update and delete their personal information with the exception of their email and password which are required to log into the control panel securely.

Audit Tracking

Servd reserves the right to track user actions within the Servd control panel in order to maintain an audit log of actions performed by individual users. Information retained within this log may include the user's email address and IP address as well as the action taken and a timestamp.

Removal of Personal Data

If you would like to remove any or all personal data from the Servd platform you can simply let us know what you need by sending an email to [email protected] We'll take care of the rest.

Use of Email Address

Servd will make use of the customer's email address in order to communicate important service updates and information regarding the customer's account. Servd may also send occasional informational newsletters from which customers are able to unsubscribe via a link within the email itself.

Opt Out

Customers shall have the right to opt out of any use of their personal information which is inconsistent with or beyond the scope of the purposes for which it was initially collected. In the event and at the sole discretion of Servd if it is determined that service can no longer be provided without customer acceptance of modified terms, a pro-rated refund of service will be refunded to the customer and the data will be removed as requested.


This privacy policy is subject to changes and occasional revisions. If any changes to the agreement will take place, especially regarding the storage and use of your personal data, we will contact you 30 days in advance of these changes being put into effect.